EDIT: Nov. 12, 2021

It has been five years since I last blogged and I think it is time to dust off this site and resume. Chief among the reasons for this is that I left a few large social media platforms for a 30 day period (or, permanently?) where I was microblogging for very little ROI on my efforts spent.

Stay tuned for edits to this page.

Why does a front end developer have a blog and a portfolio site?

If your path has taken you in a direction you never imagined, we have much in common.

I have a deep amount of experience in the design side of things, but early on in my work history found that I was keenly fascinated with how things work. I taught myself HTML in 1995, when I first registered dempseystudio.com. That’s nearly twenty years ago at this writing. Twenty years is a long time in Internet years. Heck, it’s a long time by any measure.

My latest chapter involves exploring opportunities developing the front end, the part that people see. I am also fanatical about social media as a tool to engage prospects. Toss that in the stew with a fixation for SEO, optimizing pages, W3C compliance, responsive web design (RWD) and… I think you get the picture. E-commerce is a new passion as I explore the Shopify platform and ecosystem.

I really love to blog, because an ideal environment for me is one that is truly collegial, where the sharing of knowledge is top-of-mind among the team. I always have bandwidth for select freelance projects on a moonlighting basis. Recent freelance projects involve visual design for motion graphics in healthcare as well as an innovative pitch for a household consumer beverage platform.

I pride myself on being able to talk with all levels of an organization. Let’s discuss how we can collaborate on something cool. Please reach out on the Contact page.

Thank you.

Timothy Dempsey